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I Got Called intoMy Principal Real Estate Broker’s Office. . . .

I got called into the Principal Broker’s office.  Not that Principal, my Principal Broker’s office.  I got a phone call from Michelle, one of our staff members.  It was so official.  Audrey, can you meet with Ken, our broker, on Wednesday around 2:00?  Um, yeah, sure, what is it for? 

So I wondered for a couple of days what it could possibly be?  I didn’t have any drama going on in my business?  I never do.  I didn’t have any drama going on in the office?  I don’t pay enough attention to the “goings on” in the office to care.

I went to my appointment on Wednesday and the first words out of my mouth were “Okay, what did I do wrong now?”  My Broker, Ken, laughed and said nothing.  He said that he was calling all of his agents to touch base with them to see how they were doing, let them know he was there for support.  He said I know you are doing fine with your production, as a matter of fact I am the number two individual agent out of 120!  Wow, I was surprised.  Number one better watch out because I am gunning for them.

Ken just said that Brokers and managers spend so much time trying to train and inspire agents that are struggling that agents that seem to be doing okay, kind of get get ignored.  We don’t get ignored on purpose, you just go to work, do your business, keep your nose clean and everyone thinks you are doing fine and the producers don’t really need the one on ones. 

Even though I am doing fine, it was nice to have some face to face time.  I must admit it was a pick me up and made me feel great.   We talked about the market, production, marketing and blogging.  He is very familiar with blogging and reads mine, to my surprise.  We talked about things in general.  Several of the agents in the office are taking the Brian Buffini’s Ultimate Agent program.  I am really excited about it and Ken is really happy that I am doing the program.

I will say to you Broker/managers to not forget the top producers in your office.  I know you are working hard to help the agents that are struggling, and you should.  However, I believe if you give some one on one time to your top producers you will put a pep in their step and you may be surprised that you may get more production out of them as well.

2 thoughts on “I Got Called intoMy Principal Real Estate Broker’s Office. . . .

  1. Hello Audrey, I just wanted to commend you on a great blog and commend your broker(Principal) even more for remembering that everyone needs a little reassuring during these times. Especially the top producers as they are working harder than ever and remaining focused. I even emailed our broker to share this blog article with her. Keep up the great work. David

  2. Thank you David. It was interesting to me, thinking I was doing okay in this market, how much energy our meeting gave me. It really made me feel so good. I would urge all brokers to do this as well. They may get more production out of their top producers. Thanks for stopping by.

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