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Rudy and the Kindness of Strangers

rudy21.jpgEveryday is an adventure no matter what you do or where you live. It doesn’t have to be newsworthy, little things that happen change people’s attitudes.

This morning, after my husband left for work, the phone rang and it was him. He says to me, “Guess what I got in the back of the car?” Me, “I don’t know, what?” He says, “a soaking wet – I am waiting for racoon, deer, fox, you name it some wild animal- Golden Retriever.”

He went on to tell me that he found her wandering in the middle of Rt 118 in Germantown Soaking wet. He stopped his car in the middle of the road with flashers and coaxed her into his car with little trouble. He said she hopped right in. She didn’t have any tags on her, so he turned around and brought her home so we could figure out who she belonged to.

Once she got to our house, I don’t think she was so sure of where she was it took a few minutes to get her out of the car. Finally she came out and we took her inside and dried her off. She was soaked to the bone. I figured she must have been out all day yesterday and last night. After we got her a bit dryer, I checked her collar for information and found her name, Rudy, and phone number sewn onto the collar. We called her owner and they headed right over to get her.

We fed her and gave her a treat. She was very happy about that. She was a bit timid about where she was, our dog was checking her out too. They were fine together and both sat for me as I gave them their treat.

When her owner came to get her, he was most thankful and told us that they had contractors at their house doing work and they left the gate open and the dogs ran out of the yard. They still had two other dogs they were looking for. I sure hope they find them or the dogs find their way home.

It struck me funny when the owner said he was so thankful for our kindness and happy to get his dog back? I guess I think most folks would reach out and help a dog, child, cat that was in obvious trouble? But I guess that is not the case. My husband said that people were just swerving around the dog and honking at it? I just don’t get that? Maybe it is because I am a dog owner I am more sensitive to such things? You see, for you folks that are not pet owners, to us it is the same thing as if your child was out wandering down the middle of Rt 118 soaking wet. You would certainly hope someone would stop to help. I am not scolding anyone, just explaining how most pet owners feel about their pets.

So next time, you see a dog wandering down the road and it is safe for you to approach, try getting the information off of the collar and call the owner. The owner will probably come right away to get the pet.

You will make their day and in turn you will make yourself feel really good for “being the kindness of a stranger.”

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