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Let’s Start Thinking of Our House As Home Again

travener.jpgWhen I talk to my husband in the evening and we exchange the happenings of our day, sometimes he says the most profound things.

He works in the Biotech industry. Yes, HE is finding a cure to save lives – real life and death stuff – even though I think that is my department.

I told him I had a settlement the next day and my client is really excited about her new home. The client and I feel that she got a really good deal on her new place, even if the market went down more, she feels like she has a really good cushion. I told my husband that she and I discussed the fact that she should plan to stay in the home for awhile and ride the market.

Then my husband said the most profound thing, “well, isn’t that what you buy a home for anyway? To live in it, enjoy it, spend time there?” That just smacks of Hellooo?

Of course that is what we buy a home for. To live, grow, and enjoy as our safety haven from the world.

It made me think of how in 20 years of selling homes what the perception of home selling and home buying has been. In the early years through the 90s we sold homes and havens. We sold the features, location and comfort of the home. Maybe it was the way the house made the buyer “feel” or a certain school district was the buyer’s hot button?

Then, in the early 2000’s, it seems we sold the investment – not the haven. When we discussed homeownership it was about appreciation in dollars. Almost always homes were sold with amenities, but the dollar signs outweighed the haven. The biggest question from consumers would be “how much do you think this home will be worth in ____ years?” I always joked and said, “If I knew that, I would not sell real estate.”

Today, I feel we are back to selling what is important; Lifestyle as well the haven and the investment that homeownership can provide to consumers.

Whether it is a convenient location for a commuter or gated community with all of the recreational amenities for people of all ages enjoy? Lifestyle and comfort are the benefit of homeownership.

Yes, the investment factor is still strong. Heck, investors with plenty of cash are out getting bargains, but for our homeowner consumer, we have to remember that there is more to a home than a giant dollar sign! Well, until the next big upswing market!


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