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Why This Spring is the Best Time to Sell Your Montgomery County Home

If you research the best time to list your home, you’ll find a myriad of articles telling you the benefits that come with each time of year. But even the experts agree—this spring is going to be a profitable selling season.

If you’re thinking of listing your Montgomery County home, here’s why you should take advantage of this spring’s market.

It’s Perfect Timing

A person packing up a box.

We all know that location is important to buyers, but timing is a priority as well, and spring is one of the best windows of the year.

Selling (and buying) in the spring allows you to move under less of a time constraint. With the kids out of school for a few months, work typically slowing down, and no major holidays on the horizon, there’s plenty of time to pack up and make a move.

More Buyers Means Better Profits

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Since spring is such a popular time to make a move, it’s a prime seller’s market. An influx of buyers means more showings, (hopefully) more offers, and potentially higher profits.

Capitalize on the busy spring market, and make sure your home is staged to impress. You never know, putting up a fresh coat of paint and doing some deep cleaning could mean the difference between getting one offer or getting five. Bidding war, anyone?

…And Quicker Closings

People being handed keys to a home.

Since buyers are extra motivated and serious, they’ll likely have all of their ducks in a row well beforehand.

Typically, the closing process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. Common roadblocks in the process include mortgage financing issues, problems with the title transfer, and insurance holdups. But when buyers know that any delays might cause them to miss out on their dream home, they’re going to come into the process more prepared than ever—meaning quicker closings for sellers.

The Market is in Prime Condition

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According to Nick Ron, CEO of House Buyers of America, Spring 2019 will be a landmark year for home selling. In fact, a recent poll found that more than 1 in 5 Americans ages 18 to 34 were planning on buying a home in the next year.

Plus, interest rates are still relatively low, but are projected to get higher throughout the course of the year—another big motivator for buyers to act now. All in all, this spring offers some of the best conditions for home sellers.

List Your Home with the Movin’ Maryland Team

With years of local experience, a wide variety of professional skills, and tons of helpful resources, the Movin’ Maryland Team is here to help you have a successful and stress-free sale.

Ready to put your Montgomery County home on the market? Just give us a call to get started!

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