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Your Pocket Guide to Summer 2016 in Washington, D.C.

This summer, skip all the big DC tourist spots—You’re a local! It’s time to get in deep and explore what life in Washington, D.C. is really all about. Here’s a pocket guide to get you exploring this summer.

Parks, Trails, and Spectacular Views

It’s summer, and that means enjoying some beautiful summer sunshine! These top 5 parks offer everything from secluded trails to scenic picnic areas!

  1. tree-779827_1280Rock Creek Park: This 2,800-acre park is one of the reasons the Trust for Public Land named Washington third in the nation for parks.
  2. Theodore Roosevelt Island: With no bikes and no cars allowed, this park is perfect for reading, picnicking, or simply enjoying a little peace.
  3. Georgetown Waterfront Park: For those seeking a beautiful view, look no farther than Georgetown’s spectacular waterfront along the Potomac!
  4. Meridian Hill Park: Escape the city bustle at Meridian Hill, where you can enjoy natural seclusion and tranquil waterfalls.
  5. Anacostia Park: As one of DC’s largest parks, it’s a perfect spot for escaping crowds. And with waterfront grass, a fitness station, and an ice skating pavilion, there’s plenty to do!

Arts & Entertainment

Need to cool off from the heat, enjoy a little nightlife, or maybe just relax after a busy day of work or sightseeing? Head to one of these amazing art and entertainment centers.

  1. RS2934_iStock_000004475895Small (1)John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts: Save some money and enjoy free shows at the Millennium Stage.
  2. Atlas Performing Arts Center: Once a movie theatre, Atlas is now one of DC’s premiere performance arts centers.
  3. 9:30 Club: Enjoy big-name artists in a unique, non-touristy venue.
  4. National Gallery of Art & Sculpture Garden: Nationally-renowned pieces ranging from classic to modern, an ice skating rink and cafe, and the unique sculpture garden await.
  5. Blind Wino: It’s as interesting as the name suggests—a non-profit arts club and events space featuring exhibits, activities, and live performances.
  6. Smithsonian National Zoological Park: It’s one of the oldest zoos in the nation and home to fun for all ages, adults and kids alike.

Shopping & Dining

Shop retail, browse local goods and produce at markets, or dine with the best at these favorite local venues!

  1. Cook decorating a plate and putting the ultimate touches - focus on foregroundMaine Avenue Fish Market: It’s the oldest open-air market in the nation, featuring the freshest fish and absolutely delicious prepared food.
  2. Eastern Market: Local products range from fresh meat, cheese, and produce, to handmade items, and there’s even a flea market on site.
  3. Union Market: Over 40 vendors, unique events that range from food festivals to yoga, and even movies are just the beginning!
  4. The Yards Park: Part park, part shopping center, Yards is a newer collection of retail, restaurants, and waterfront lawn perfect for shoppers, diners, and picnickers alike.

Get to Know Washington DC & Montgomery County

In case you hadn’t guessed, life in Washington, D.C., and its surrounding suburbs, is a truly unique experience filled with arts, entertainment, shopping, dining, and outdoor adventuring. Learn more about the communities of Montgomery County, search homes for sale, or connect with a local expert to learn more and start on finding your dream home!

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