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I See London, I See France . . . Make a Difference in A Child’s Life

Baby UnderwearI see London, I see France, I see some one’s underpants. Remember that rhyme from elementary school? Makes me chuckle when I say it now, but I want to talk today about something as important as underpants.

In our country we don’t really think much of underwear. Don’t get me wrong, it is a big business from Victoria’s Secret to Hanes to designer digs, billions of dollars on our undergarments.  But we don’t really give it much thought other than the occasional wedgie we might get.

When you think about your underwear after reading this, I want you think about the difference between sickness and health – maybe living or dying?  Bet you didn’t think I was going there with this story! 

Did you know that children across the world, who live in poverty, may or may not have any underwear?  Do you know that being able to wear underwear can make the difference between being healthy and sick?  That just blows my mind. Something that we don’t give two thoughts about can make a life or death difference to a child!  Even though times may be trying for many Americans, underwear is not a health crisis.

I found an amazing group of women that bring underwear to children in Africa in order to help with this issue. The group is called Mothers Fighting For Others.   MFFO works to help children in Africa.   I have been so inspired by these women, I couldn’t help but get involved.

So you say,  what can I do to help?  Here is how easy it is to pay it forward with something as small as buying children’s underwear to make a difference.   Please purchase new, unopened underwear for children ages 3-15 and it will be distributed by MFFO through Nairobi, Kenya and IDP refugee camps.   Click here for where to send or where to send donations.

So simple for all of us to make a difference in a child’s life.  Now that you have read this, I am asking you to take action and make a difference in the life of a child.

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