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Instant Emergency Information In Gaithersburg

These days we all want instant everything.  From our Internet connections, to our cell phones connecting right away and answers to our questions should have been five minutes ago.  We are in tune and on the move. 

But what about an emergency?  Bad weather?  Storms coming, you know we have had a few tornadoes in this area in the last few years.  They are so rare, but if one was coming wouldn’t you want to know?  How about a tree down blocking a road after a storm.  What about a water main break that stops traffic.  These are inconveniences, but wouldn’t you like to know before hand?  Sure you would. 

Remember how scary 9/11 was here in Maryland?  Being right next to the Nation’s Capital, what a scary and traumatic day it was for all of us.  Now we were not set up back on 9/11, but rest assured our national and even local governments have come up with a way of getting emergency information to the public instantly.

Montgomery County has installed a system called Alert Montgomery County.  You can go to the link and sign up and if there is an emergency you will notified immediately through;

  • PDA

  • Cell Phone

  • Blackberry

  • Computer

  • Online devices

  • XM Radio Station 214

If you live in Gaithersburg, Takoma Park or Rockville these cities have their own Alert system.  You may follow the links directly and sign up for emergency information.

You will receive text messages to your device as soon as the message is sent.  The system is FREE, but you will need to check your wireless or online service provider to see if text messaging charges may apply to you.

Pray we never need to use the system, but thankfully our officials have come up with a way to reach as many people as possible at one time.  Please let your friends know about this service.

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