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Support Your Darnestown Lemonade Stand

lemonade-stand.jpgOne of my favorite memories from my childhood was setting up the card table at the end of the driveway and sellin’ lemonade. I would be in charge of the sign. One paper cup of our best stuff would run ya a nickel. My mom would make the lemonade, or Kool-Aid if we had a special request and we would go out front and wait for the mad run on our lemonade stand.  Strangers would stop by and get a cup or so and we had our regulars that would have a cup or so and visit with us. When we were all out, we were in charge of bringing in the pitcher and cups to Mom for clean up and Mom would get the card table for us.  When the clean up was done, we would divy up the loot and run to the store and buy gum, candy, comics or the like.  It was our money and we could do with it what we wanted.

As an adult I have always supported the local lemonade stand trade in my area.  I have been out showing houses a few times to drive past kids selling lemonade.  I ALWAYS pull over and treat my clients to a cup of the good stuff.  It does two things,  Gives us a little break and refreshment and thrills the kids.  I think that those are the kinds of things that help build kid’s self esteem to know they can succeed.

Today, after I came home, I did my usual routine of getting Hutch, my dog, and going for our afternoon walk.   We walked our normal trek and came back to find the kids that live across the street had set up shop while Hutch and I were out.  The had the card table, sign, cups the entire deal.  Jordan and Zander out there working their lemonade stand. 

Now, I tell you, inflation is a tough thing but I think Jordan and Zander’s prices were fair.   They charged .25 cents for one cup or two cups for .40 cents. Please note the sign, the bowl is for the money.   I thought that was a pretty good deal.  Jordan told my that one cup was one quarter and two cups were four quarters?  Jordan also instructed me to make sure Hutch did not poop anywhere near the stand, it wouldn’t be good for business.   I told her I understood and we would refrain from such things. 

They were cute and so excited to sell their lemonade.  They told me they would only be there as long they still had cups for customers and that they were not going to drink any of the lemonade, they had to save it for the customers. 

Next time you are in Darnestown Maryland, be sure to stop off at Jordan and Zander’s Lemonade Stand.   They are sure to please.

Hhmmm. . . .  I think we might have a little agent in the making?

2 thoughts on “Support Your Darnestown Lemonade Stand

  1. Jordan’s dad has to tell her she can’t have a stand everyday. I told you there was a little agent growing there. She is cute.

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