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movin-maryland-logo.pngSo, what’s this blog site anyway?

Welcome to my new site, This site is a bit different from my other site. Why, you ask do I need another different site? Because this site is a Blog site and a blog is more like an interactive website. While on the other site you can look up local area information, listings on the MLS, and find out about me in general, this site will be more interactive.

You will still be able to look up homes for sale and local area information, but I will be writing posts on current real estate and local area events. Whenever I write something that interests you, you are welcome to comment on my posts and let me know what your thoughts and opinions are with regard to the subject on the Blog site.

I welcome all opinions and I look forward to getting to know different people and your take on local area information and how the current real estate market may be affecting you.

So, welcome to my Blog site!!

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