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The Most Affluent Bethesda Area Neighborhoods

Looking for luxury around DC? You don’t have to look far; some of the most affluent neighborhoods in the area — and in America — are nestled right into the communities surrounding the Capital City. Beautiful, lush lawns and tree-lined streets, extravagant homes, safe and friendly communities, all within easy commuting distance to Washington… it’s not hard to see why these neighborhoods are not only among the most affluent in the country, but also so dearly beloved by their residents.

In fact, the six Bethesda-area neighborhoods with the highest average home sale price in 2015 were located in just three communities—Chevy Chase, Bethesda, and Potomac.

Chevy Chase Neighborhoodsarchitecture-885890_1280 copy

Of the six most expensive Bethesda-area neighborhoods, two were located in Chevy Chase, where green lawns, sprawling homes, and quiet residential streets blend with a friendly and connected community to create a sense of serene tranquility. Though Chevy Chase has very little commercial development within its boundaries, it is conveniently located close to the bustling restaurants, shops, theatres, and grocery stores of Friendship Heights, and is within easy commuting distance to DC, making it the perfect city retreat for those seeking a friendly community where neighborhood events are a big part of life.

The top neighborhoods in Chevy Chase were Kenwood and Somerset.

Bethesda Neighborhoods

condo-619977_1280The fast-paced community of Bethesda differs from Chevy Chase in both its bustling commercial district and its wider variety of homes, ranging from breathtakingly extravagant to more moderately priced, but it too had two neighborhoods listed among the most expensive in the area. Where Chevy Chase might appeal more to residents seeking a quieter, more neighbor-focused city retreat, Bethesda, with its large commercial corridor of art galleries, restaurants, theatres, music and dance studios, unique boutiques, and modern luxury condos, offers a small-city excitement that Chevy Chase lacks.

The top communities in Bethesda were Bradley Hills Grove and Edgemoor, which took the #1 ranking in most expensive Bethesda-area neighborhoods.

Potomac Neighborhoods

The last two spots in the rankings were claimed by Potomac, which named the most affluent small town inhouse-409451_1280 America. Nestled along the banks of the Potomac River, this sprawling green suburb boasts lush natural areas, tranquil scenery, quiet and safe streets, and some of the most expensive houses in the country. With hundreds of acres of natural parkland, such as the Great Falls Park, and miles of shoreline along the river, Potomac offers plenty of breathtaking scenery and outdoor areas coupled with an easy commute into the city.

The most expensive neighborhoods in Potomac were Potomac Falls and Camotop.

Most Affluent Bethesda Area Neighborhoods

Ranking Neighborhood Median Home Price
6 Potomac Falls 2,099,000
5 Kenwood 2,145,406
4 Somerset 2,206,364
3 Bradley Hills Grove 2,637,697
2 Camotop 2,900,000
1 Edgemoor 3,209,286

Searching for a Home Near Bethesda?

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