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The Ultimate Peace: America’s Challenge in The Middle East

My-Clients-Book-Publishing-AnnouncementMy Client and Friend, Dr Charbel Moussa just published his latest book.  The Ultimate Peace:  America’s Challenge in the Middle East,  Dr Charbel Moussa

Charlie, told me while we were looking at homes that the book was coming to the market in the near future.  

He told me the book was about how the West and the Middle East can better communicate and work together.  I am very eager to get my signed copy and read it from cover to cover. 

If this subject interests you, I would encourage you to order a copy.  Dr Moussa is compassionate and wants to see changes the state of our international relationships.

I am thrilled for my friend, Dr Charbel Moussa, and his success.

Ordering Information  The Ultimate Peace: America’s Challenge in The Middle East, Dr Charbel Moussa

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