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Ghost Hunting on the Streets of Frederick Maryland

It is getting to be that time of year again.  Spider webs, cauldrons and spooky characters.  Some like to go to Haunted houses, haunted forests, but my idea of fun is the  Candlelight Ghost Tours in Frederick Maryland.

Did you know that Frederick is over 250 years old?   Many of the major Civil War battles were fought  around Frederick County.  The Battle of Antietam, South Mountain and the Monocacy Battle.   Frederick was the largest city during these battles and many of the wounded soldiers came to Frederick for medical help.

Downtown Frederick has been restored and updated over the years.  Just think of the small quaint alley ways, wonder what is lurking there down the way?    You can go antiquing down Patrick and Market streets.  There are many restaurants for your dining pleasure.  You can even live in a downtown loft.  

All of this history and energy should conjure up some fun for Ghost walking in Frederick. You can arrange for a tour through Candlelight Ghost Tours of Frederick at 301-668-8922 or

Happy Hunting to you. . . .

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