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Join The Maryland Farm Bureau and Save on Your Home Owners Insurance.


Maryland Farm Bureau, Save Money and Help Your State . . . (edit/delete)

I belong to the Maryland Farm Bureau and really feel it is a worthwhile cause. It is a non profit organization that is privately run to support our Maryland Farmers. 

 It costs $60.00 a year and I save on my Home owner’s Insurance on my home.  I think we save about $110 a year.  Maybe that is not a huge amount, but you also get benefits for belong to the Farm Bureau.

Here are the Farm Bureau’s top ten reasons you should join;

1.  Maryland Farm Bureau is the organized

voice of Maryland agriculture

2. We advocate for an abundant, affordable,

and safe food supply

3.  You save hundreds of dollars by using the

many member-only benefits

4.  We support a healthy, viable agricultural

industry which means more open, green


5.  We educate the general public on the

importance of Maryland agriculture

6.  Farm Bureau’s successful grassroots

structure allows for member participation

7.  Maryland Farm Bureau supports the next

generation by offering college scholarships

8.  Farm Bureau promotes the safe and

humane treatment of animals

9.  You join locally at the county level, but also

benefit from the state and national Farm

Bureau organizations

10. Farm Bureau offers participation opportunities

for all ages

We have been members for years and enjoy the discounts we receive from our membership and helping our community at the same time.  Go to their website and sign up today!  Maryland Farm Bureau

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