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The Worst Traffic Day of the Year . . .

traffic-jam.jpgThe DC area, with it’s suburbs, is ranked as one of the top 5 worst traffic areas in the country.  Right up there with Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Atlanta and DC.  Actually, without looking up the exact statistics, I think these cities are the top 5 worst traffic cities in the country?  I know, I know you folks down in Miami have some complaining to do too, so go ahead.

The traffic is always something we contend with in our area.  Heck, I time showings and appointments around it just so I don’t have to run late or suffer the pain of sitting on the Beltway.  You folks that do it day in and day out, I don’t know how you do it?  Bless your hearts, I think it must get to you all sometimes.

The good news is once school is out and Summer is here the traffic seems to lighten up in our area. Folks are on vacation and out of the area.  August can be like a ghost town.  I marvel at how empty the parking lot at my office building is during the Summer months.

But then it happens.  Labor Day weekend comes and goes and it is back to the real world for all of us.  Yep, I think the Tuesday after Labor Day is the WORST traffic day of the year.  Everyone is back to work and school.  School buses that you did not have to contend with for the last 3 months are back on the road getting the kids to school.  Frantic parents dropping kids off to school before they have to get to work.  For some reason it seems no one ever schedules enough time.  Racing here and there and then the mother of all traffic jams happens.

I am afraid that day.  I stay home until after 9:30 am on that Tuesday and let you folks do your thing.  I sit and watch the traffic updates on Channel 4 every ten minutes to wait for the all clear.  When you all get to where are going and it is safe to exit the building, then I head out.

Do yourself a favor, get an early start because it is going to be a long day.  Listen to WTOP on your car radio.  They will give you a “traffic and weather update every ten minutes on the 8’s”.  That could help you take an alternative route in case there is an accident or extra tie up.

Buckle up and be safe!

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