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Best Dentist Ever Award!

Look Mom, no cavities! Remember the dreaded trip to the dentist as a kid? I went to the dentist yesterday for my twice a year cleaning and routine maintenance. I have a GREAT Dentist. DR Fran Watson, in Rockville Maryland. If you are looking for a dentist, run to her.

Again, yesterday no cavities! I know my dentist is different than most dentists. It is an experience to go and see her. A good experience.

Dr Watson’s office is not like other dental offices. When you arrive, you are greeted by Nicole, one of the best receptionists ever. The waiting room is a soothing sage green color with lamps, not over head florescent lights. There is a fancy one cup coffee maker for you to help yourself too. Comfortable seating, scented candles lit and the good magazines make waiting a pleasure.

When you are on your way back to the dreaded dentist chair, the soothing green walls are continued through the entire office. Another scented candle in the back too. There are the things on the ceiling to look at and a TV mounted up on the wall if you like. You can have head phones to listen to music while Dr Watson does her work if you like. One thing that struck me yesterday that I have not paid attention to before is the large basket with a rolled up fleece blanket in case you get cold there in the office.

Dr Watson not only has the best office, but her work is superior as well. The entire staff is happy to see you and make you feel at home when you are there. The best part is that all of the stuff I have had done, it never seems to hurt? Maybe it is because I feel more relaxed when I get there and while I am in the chair?

When you are finished, she has a grab basket of toothpaste, mouth wash. You get a new tooth brush and floss everytime you visit.

My trip to Dr Watson’s office yesterday made me think that I try to make my client’s have a soothing real estate experience as well. My broker’s provide one of the best and most professional offices so when clients come to see us they are comfortable. I give my clients access to all of the online information they need. I also give my buyer package with file folder for their convenience too. I am going to stretch my creativity to see if I can come up with another experience they can benefit from while working with me. I am their advocate and sounding board through their transaction.

Some people are anxious for their trip to the dentist, some are anxious when they make a trip to see the real estate agent? Maybe we need to work on the great experience the public gets when they deal with us. I want my clients to have the same kind of soothing experience when buying or selling real estate as I have when visiting Dr Watson.

Let’s all strive to set ourselves apart from the norm and give our clients a “Dr Watson experience”

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