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Something Fun to Do in Bethesda

If you like to meet new people and cook, I have a great suggestion.

L’Academie de Cuisine Culinary school

located in Bethesda Maryland. LAC is an accredited culinary school. If becoming a professional chef is of interest to you, I have included a link to the school.

This link will provide you with all the information you will need. It has a complete class schedule, descriptions of the classes and recipes. If you have someone special that really enjoys cooking, LAC has gift certificates available too. I got some of these for Christmas. This is a great gift for everyone. I got to learn some fun recipes, I made them for my friends and family so they got to enjoy my class as well. Kinda neat!

For the novice, LAC also has a recreational school. The recreational school is broken down into to two areas. One is the demonstration classes. This is where you can come and watch Chef Francois Dionotcook for you and watch as he shows you how to prepare the recipe. The second is the participation classes. These are the ones that I like best. You get to get in there and actually make all of the recipes. You can register for everything from baking bread to making soufflés. They also teach knife skills, making candy and cake decorating classes.

There are single session classes. These classes are 3 hours long, you will watch a demonstration of the items to be prepared and then you will actually make the recipes right there in the classroom. You may also sign up for classes that are a series. They are usually 3 classes that meet once a week. There are intense weekend classes for real cooking junkies.

There are usually several recipes for each class. It is usually two or three main dishes and several side dishes. All of your ingredients are all measured and set out for you in your station. Just don’t mix up the salt for the sugar like I did when I was making English Toffee! We had to start that one over. There are also helpers there to assist you and the teaching chef.

The reward is when you are finished cooking, grilling, or baking you sit down with everyone and have a meal and a glass of wine to experience your cooking abilities. The recipes are printed and yours to take home and try again.

So next time you are trying to think of something new to do, think L’Academie de Cuisine. It is a lot of fun and a great place to meet new people!!

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